Woodcuts by Eric Kinny
Happy Fuji News

Happy Fuji News is a live-edited "movie" made out of 201 woodcuts, written, carved and printed by Eric Kinny over the course of 2016 - 2022

Prints are shown and thrown at the rhythm of an audio soundtrack with MIDI guitar music by Raphaël Desmarets and characters voices by McCloud Zicmuse, Siet Phorae, Molly Rex, Ma Clément, Alice Perez & Joey Wright, for a total length of 30min.

The story follows a touristic guide on the foothill of Mt Fuji in Japan, trying to make sense of life after facing harsh Tripadvisor reviews of the mountain. With an equally comedic and dramatic approach, Happy Fuji News is a surrealistic dive into the world of apps, geology, tourism, love and more, done in a joyously performed proto-cinematic way.
In English (no subtitles)

Happy Fuji News performances


April 1st - VROOM (Anderlecht, Belgium)

April 14 - 21 Portugal Tour get in touch if you'd like to see this show

Past shows
The NL Tour 2023
February 4 - Varia (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
February 5 - Helicopter (Den Haag, The Netherlands)
February 6 - OCCII (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
February 8 - Secret Show in 150 years old Student Society (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
February 9 - Berger & De Vries (Groningen, The Netherlands)

February 3 - Un Peu w/ Gaspard Sicx Trio (Schaerbeek, Belgium)

January 6 - Recyclart (Molenbeek, Belgium)

Swiss Tour 2022
December 23 - Villa Gassweid (Wohlen-bei-Bern, Switzerland)
December 21 - Secret Show (Bienne, Switzerland)
December 20 - La Coutellerie (Fribourg, Switzerland)
December 19 - Secret Show (Lausanne, Switzerland)
December 18 - Secret Show (Geneva, Switzerland)

December 15 (19h) - Le Bassin (Ixelles, Belgium)
December 15 (21h) - Le Bassin (Ixelles, Belgium)
December 11 - Baarechoem (Berchem, Belgium)

November 20 - Secret Show (Saint-Gilles, Belgium)

October 30 - Boom Café (Bruxelles, Belgium)
October 22 (19h) - La Serre (Ixelles, Belgium)
October 22 (21h) - Ogge (Schaerbeek, Belgium)
October 16 - Rumsteek with France Frites & Eighty Cuts (Anderlecht, Belgium)
October 11 - Maison Verte with Bravo Tounky (Ixelles, Belgium)

September 9 - Shhh silent movie festival (Oostende, Belgium)