Santé Loisirs
a label from Mulhouse, France now in Brussels, Belgium

Zach Phillips & Calvin Grad - Headlight (SL10)
Jib Kidder - Napkin Bulletproof (SL09)
McCloud Zicmuse - Het Slechtgetemperede Klavier En Zwakke Blokfluiten (SL08)
Pont-à-Mousson - Rock With Pont-à-Mousson (SL07)
Hablemos Del Alma - HDA (SL06)
CE Schneider Topical & The Lentils - Four Different Hells (SL05)
Joachim Badenhorst - Kitakata (SL04)
Les dauphins et la science - Les résultats sont des plus intéressants (SL03)
Turalica - Koke No Saiten (SL02)
Eric Kinny - oui (SL01)

woodcut illustrations by Eric Kinny

order / distribution


19/03/2018: Zach Phillips + Loto Retina + Frère Tuck @ Rumsteek (Anderlecht, BE)

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Santé Loisirs (Health Hobbies) is a not-for-profit label that started in Mulhouse, France in november 2014, it is currently in Brussels, Belgium.
Each release's art/design is in the hands of different people but always ends up woodcut printed (except SL03) with a DIY bottle jack press and laser engraved printing types.