Cowgirlboy Radio

Santé Loisirs
a label based in Brussels, Belgium now distributing
Cattle Records and Cowgirlboy Records
1980s labels dedicated to pre-1957 Country & Western music

in print releases
Simili Gum - Enfin repos (SL15)
Zach Phillips - Not Still Before (SL14)
Pont-à-Mousson - Bye Bye Mirello (SL13)
Jib Kidder - Small Guitar (SL11)
Zach Phillips & Calvin Grad - Headlight (SL10)
CE Schneider Topical & The Lentils - Four Different Hells (SL05)

Out-of-print department
SL12 SL09 SL08 SL07 SL06 SL04 SL03 SL02 SL01

woodcut illustrations by Eric Kinny

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Cowgirlboy Radio

Cowgirlboy Radio

Elvis on the radio, steel guitar in my soul (by Ronan Onion)

oyez onion · Elvis on the radio, steel guitar in my soul

The KLF - Elvis On The Radio, Steel Guitar In My Soul (1990)
Eilert Pilarm - In The Ghetto (1998)
Dinning Sisters - Once In A While (1945)
Joe Dassin - Dis-moi, Dis-lui (1965)
Ross Sisters - Solid Potato Salad (1944)
Tex Williams - If You'd Believe In Me (1954)
Pamela Blue - Hey There Stranger (1963)
Tabby West - Forbidden Fruit (1954)
Jenks Tex Carman - New Waikiki Beach (1953)
Olivier Constantin - There's Something About Mary, VF (1998)
The KLF - Brownsville Turnaround At The Tex-Mex Border (1990)
Ennio Morricone/Edda dell'Orso - Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange (1972)
Lee Morse - If You Want The Rainbow (1928)
Red Kirk - Over An Ocean Of Golden Dreams (1950)
Ozie Waters - If Our Hands Could Reach Across The Ocean (1945)
Annie Philippe - Ticket De Quai (1966)
Fleetwood Mac - Albatross (1977)
Red River Dave - Her Name Was Rosita (1940)
DeZurik Sisters - Old Dan Tucker (1938)
Elizabeth Cotten - I'm Going Away (1960's)
Foy Willing - Just A Little Lovin' (Will Go A Long Way) (1948)
Hattori Katsuhisa/Kusaka Maron - Dare Yori Mo Tooku e (TV Version 1980)
Hattori Katsuhisa - Kokyou/St Petersburg (1980)
Françoise Hardy - Voilà (1967)

= available on Cowgirlboy Records, Cattle Records and Castle Records

Cowgirlboy Records is a label run by Dagmar Binge since the 1980s dedicated to preserve and present the full range of Country & Western music mostly recorded in the 1930s, 40s and 50s
Original LP copies are now available through Santé Loisirs over here

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