Joachim Badenhorst - Kitakata (SL04)

Santé Loisirs
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woodcut illustrations by Eric Kinny

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Joachim Badenhorst - Kitakata (SL04)

Joachim Badenhorst in Kitakata, Japan

produbbed cassette + download code
Edition of 300

1. Star Lady
2. Star Clinic 3
3. Star Clinic 4
4. Sake Water Fountain
5. Akiko's Kitchen Song
6. Interlude
7. Star Clinic 1
8. Duo With Annoying Birds
9. Akiko In Sake Brewery
10. Rice Field
11. Car Announcement
12. Star Clinic 5
13. Creek At Rice Field
14. Star Clinic 6
15. Lion d'Or

Full of beautiful clarinet and bass clarinet improvisations made at different spots in Kitakata, Japan between 1-8 november 2015. Stamp by Jailbeit and woodprints by myself on an A3 made-in-korea japanese paper using Joachim's notes and a photo by Ferdinand Brandenburg.

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Released in january 2016.

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