Hablemos Del Alma - HDA (SL06)

Santé Loisirs
a label from Mulhouse, France now in Brussels, Belgium

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woodcut illustrations by Eric Kinny

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Hablemos Del Alma - Hablemos Del Alma (SL06)

Hablemos Del Alma feat. Dominga Del Campo

C20 produbbed cassette + download code
Edition of 100
Co-released with La Manufacture Errata

1. Tú, mi rosal
2. Quienes se desaniman ante la adversidad
3. Apreciaciones contemporáneas
4. Locos pensamientos

Hablemos del alma is the New Age project by the Chilean artist Angelo Santa Cruz (Nueva Costa).
In this 4-song EP he explores "nostalgia" in guitar riffs, "space aged" synthesizers, arps and organs, accompanied by nonsensical mantras whispered as if they were prayers of lust.

Latin-American romantic bands from the 60s, such as Los Angeles Negros, are blent in with the Italian New Age Scene, like Baffo Banfi, making "Hablemos del alma" an inner journey towards enlightenment.

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All songs are composed, produced and recorded by Angelo Santa Cruz.

Voices: Diana Menino, Micaela Skoknic & Manu Guevara
Draws & Pinting: Marina Fi & Valentina Guerrero
Mix & Master : Ives Sepúlveda & Ness
Woodcut printing: Eric Kinny
Design: Gracia Echeverría

released November 27, 2016