Pont-à-Mousson - Rock with Pont-à-Mousson (SL07)

Santé Loisirs
a label from Mulhouse, France now in Brussels, Belgium

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woodcut illustrations by Eric Kinny

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Pont-à-Mousson - Rock with Pont-à-Mousson (SL07)

Pont-à-Mousson home-recording

produbbed cassette with download code
Edition of 100

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1. Everybody Knows (reprise Willie Alexander)
2. You Care About Me
3. I'm Bored
4. Love Me
5. Nothing But You
6. Does That Matter?
7. A Long Way Through Rock'n'Roll
8. Come Over Baby
9. You Love Me Too
10. Our Love Is In The Air
11. After All We Just Fought In My Head
12. Darkness Is The Key Of Our Love
13. Bonus Track

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Covert art: Nicolas Guine
Woodcut printing: Eric Kinny

released November 27, 2016

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