McCloud Zicmuse - Het Slechtgetemperede Klavier en Zwakke Blokfluiten (SL08)

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woodcut illustrations by Eric Kinny

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McCloud Zicmuse - Het Slechtgetemperede Klavier en Zwakke Blokfluiten (SL08)

McCloud Zicmuse recording at Lady Margaret Road Studios in London

produbbed cassette with download code
Edition of 100

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1. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_01
2. 151107_BLOKFLUIT_D
3. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_18
4. 151107_BLOKFLUIT_C
5. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_04
6. 151107_BLOKFLUIT_A
7. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_14
8. 151020_BLOKFLUIT_D
9. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_20
10. 151020_BLOKFLUIT_E
11. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_09
12. 151107_BLOKFLUIT_B
13. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_24
14. 151020_BLOKFLUIT_C
15. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_19
16. 151020_BLOKFLUIT_B
17. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_02
18. 151020_BLOKFLUIT_A
19. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_22
20. 151107_BLOKFLUIT_F
21. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_05
22. 151107_BLOKFLUIT_E
23. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_25

Baroque feeling: that feeling you get when you enter a room & tucked away in a corner is a strange instrument covered with nick knacks. You clear all the items away and find yourself face to face with a harpsichord. A tingling sensation goes up your spine as you open the protective wood and raise the soundboard. Your fingers reach down to make a first chord.
disappointment? No, not really, but it is true that it must have been years since the instrument has been tuned. You decide that this minor inconvenience could be actually charming & a friend happens to have recording equipment on hand. You think of Zuzana Růžičková, and you play your best: voilà the result.

Months later you decide to make that recording of flauto dolce in homage to Frans Brüggen. You have taken years to amass a small collection of flutes of various timbres & start recording with the new multi-track recording device that a friend gives you for your birthday.

Eventually you put the two recordings together to make a succinct & subtle cassette: Het Slechtgetemperde Klavier en Zwakke Blokfluiten. credits

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released November 27, 2016

Design: McCloud
Woodcut printing: Eric Kinny