Jib Kidder - Napkin Bulletproof (SL09)

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woodcut illustrations by Eric Kinny

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Jib Kidder - Napkin Bulletproof (SL09)

Jib Kidder

produbbed cassette with download code
edition of 100


1. Small Thing, A Big Shadow
2. Shoes On The Other Foot
3. As The First Blow Be Happy
4. All Small Scavengers
5. Coconut Sport
6. My Friend You Are In Trouble
7. Draw Cut You
8. Horseplay Teas
9. Longer Orgasms Of People Worldwide
10. Chubby Cream Spaghetti
11. Napkin Bulletproof
12. Exchanger
13. Island of Floss
14. Calliope
15. Give You The Wings
16. 2 Broke Thumbs
17. Agree To Be Sick

Recorded in Ann Arbor, MI and Queens, NY, 2006.
Originally released by Capt. Bass (2007, CD-R).
SSC: Records, Cassettes, Guitar, Boss DR-880, Koto, Casio SK-1, No Input Mixer, Balloons, Venerable Lake of Honey.
Remastered in 2017 by SSC at Faculty House, NYC. All song titles taken from spam emails.
Dedicated to American Genius St. James Hampton.
Design by SSC, woodcut printing by Eric Kinny

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released 07 april 2017

The Sound Projector