Zach Phillips & Calvin Grad - Headlight (SL10)

Santé Loisirs
a label from Mulhouse, France now in Brussels, Belgium

Zach Phillips & Calvin Grad - Headlight (SL10)
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woodcut illustrations by Eric Kinny

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19/03/2018: Zach Phillips + Loto Retina + Frère Tuck @ Rumsteek (Anderlecht, BE)

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Zach Phillips & Calvin Grad - Headlight (SL10)

Zach Phillips and Calvin Grad playing at the Park Church Co-op in Brooklyn, NY on 10/16/2016

produbbed cassette with download code
edition of 125


1. Headlight
2. Free From The Funky Stuff
3. Ashland
4. Spiderglass
5. If You Are In Trouble
6. Opponents
7. Know My Love
8. Keyring Style
9. Archon

Sometimes you regret eating an apple because

it's too sour or it hurts your stomach.

I like this apple.

It housed a worm then set it free.

-- Ryan Power

Issac Newton would have to fall on your head to discover this much gravity

-- Quentin "Big French" Moore

Zach Phillips: wurlitzer electric piano
Calvin Grad: nylon string guitar
Recorded live 10/14-16/2016 at home and at the Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn NY.

cover art: Sarah Smith
Lettering: Roxane Métayer
Layout and woodcut printing: Eric Kinny

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shipping: 3,39€ Europe
shipping: 1,50€ Belgium

released 07 april 2017

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live video by Truly Bald