Jib Kidder - Small Guitar (SL11)

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Jib Kidder - Small Guitar (SL11)

produbbed and on-body printed cassette + download code
woodcut printed j-card
edition of 100
C63 (complete program on each side)


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1. black magic pumps!
2. scrubs!
3. pump out the goods!
4. rock solid pits!
5. little miss junior!
6. all grown up!
7. old jeff davis!
8. skins!
9. twins!
10. shetland pony club!
11. third premonition!
12. mystic color spikes!
13. waffles & ice cream!
14. trace the sensation!
15. let's get it!
16. snitch epileptics!
17. bringing back the atmosphere!
18. midnight graveyard!
19. small birth!
20. déjà vécu!
21. elisa's illuminated alphabet!
22. right idea out the window!
23. traditional irish breakfast!
24. it's just begun!
25. overt decencies!
26. jimmy legs!
27. chicken making biscuits!
28. carefree!
29. moss piglet!

A collection of guitar origami miniatures performed and recorded in Queens, NY, 2006.

" The original "small music" came from a computer error on my PC Desktop which was speeding things up 800 percent or so. While the computer was affected (infected?), I recorded with my now-wife Josie, a 3 inch mini CD-Rs worth of very small sounds, this is when we were college students in Ann Arbor. We approached the recording by trying to play vvvveeerrrryyy slow. Mostly it was all improvised but we did do an extremely out cover of Cat Power's "Nude as the News". That music's lost and was followed up by this still unfinished record of "post-small" music which I abandoned when I moved to NYC in 2006, but have returned to last year (2017) when I moved back here (my wife now has a drosophila research lab at the school where we first met). Anyways, that abandoned music cleared the way to this purer investigation of the tiny. While I can say my playing was influenced directly by James Ilgenfritz, Taku Sugimoto, Yximalloo, Hannoda Taku, & Philip Gayle at the time, I still consider this my most original work to date.

The record had a chance at being my first publicly available music (I had been making full albums for friends since high school). My college radio station friend Julia Holter had gotten the label she was working with at the time, Human Ear, interested in releasing Small Guitar, but after I foolishly sent the actual artwork to the label, the label runner moved to Germany and dissolved the label or turned it into something else. Julia would go on to hook me up with a label again years down the line, but I do wish this had come out before All on Yall, it was bad for me that everybody's first impression of my shit was "Windowdipper". "

art: SSC
recorded 2006
remastered 2018

full streaming via

out may 7th 2018

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