Zach Phillips - Not Still Before (SL14)

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Zach Phillips - Not Still Before (SL14)
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woodcut illustrations by Eric Kinny

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Zach Phillips - Not Still Before (SL14)

Zach at the Bernice A. Ray School, Halloween 1998, photo by his mother Cleopatra Mathis

music video for When The Gales animated by Lydia Mamalis

produbbed and on-body printed cassette + download code
woodcut printed j-card
edition of 150


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1. Chew (2018 demo)
2. Every Night I Try (2009 feat. Sarah Smith)
3. Is There A Word For Love Pt. II (2014 with Martyr Group)
4. When The Gales (2018 with Lilith Outcome)
5. Pear Photo (2012 from original "Recorded In Heaven")
6. Back Seat (2017 from original "Imp")
7. Untitled Chart (2014 with Ian Kovac Jr. Jr.)
8. I Can't Sleep (2009 from original "Glades")
9. Not Still Before (2015 with Martyr Group)
10. Palliation (2017 demo)
11. My Awakening Pt. III (2009 from original "My Awakening")
12. We're Lost (2018 demo)
13. In The Way (2015 with Martyr Group)
14. Wing Back (2011 from original "Music For Drawing")
15. Upper Ladders (2010 demo for Easy Street)
16. What's Her Name (2017 demo)
17. Drifting (2018 with Lilith Outcome, song by John Miller)
18. You Can't Escape Your Prey (2015 with Martyr Group)
19. Benjamin's Time (2018 demo)
20. Leaving The War (2010 from original "Glades")
21. This Old Man (2017 with & recorded by Joey Agresta)
22. Nevis (2017 from original "Imp")
23. Ask Me Where I've Been (2009 from original "Glades")
24. Psychopomp (2017 from original "Imp")
25. Ordinary Means (2015 with Martyr Group)
26. Everywhere (2018 demo, lyricization of chart by Jerry Bergonzi)
27. Ryvim w/ Ding (2018 with Lilith Outcome, chart by Jerry Bergonzi)

"If a ghost appeared to me during the night it could glow with a weak whitish light; but if it looked grey, then the light would have to appear as though it came from somewhere else" [L. Wittgenstein, trans. McAlister/Schättle]

except where otherwise noted, written & recorded by Zach Phillips (piano, keyboards, bass, guitar, drum machine, vocal) 2009-18 on Tascam 424 MKI, Yamaha MT8X, Tascam 388 and Marantz PMD201; Martyr Group live recordings feature guitars by Stephe Cooper, Tom Csatari, Sam Lisabeth, & Quentin Moore; Lilith Outcome live recordings feature Derek Baron (flute), Marlon Cherry (perc.), Billy McShane (flute), Ryan Power (bass), & Annakalmia Traver (flute & sax solo on "Drifting")

cover drawing: Sarah Smith; original image is a photograph taken my mother at the Bernice A. Ray Elementary School, Hanover NH, Halloween 1998

"Half my moves are moves to cancel" [R. Seydel]

woodcut printing and design: Eric Kinny with assistance from Richard Greenan
audio mastering: Ryan Power

special thanks to JA, MACB, CC, TC, CF, RG, AG, TK, BM, QM, HN, CS, SS, 'B'GT, & CW

"There is nothing in this world that is not the self" -- [E.A. Bethea]

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out february 14th 2019

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