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Santé Loisirs
a label based in Brussels, Belgium now distributing
Cattle Records and Cowgirlboy Records
1980s labels dedicated to pre-1957 Country & Western music

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Simili Gum - Enfin repos (SL15)
Zach Phillips - Not Still Before (SL14)
Pont-à-Mousson - Bye Bye Mirello (SL13)
Jib Kidder - Small Guitar (SL11)
Zach Phillips & Calvin Grad - Headlight (SL10)
CE Schneider Topical & The Lentils - Four Different Hells (SL05)

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frere tuck - Portland expanded (SL12)

produbbed and on-body printed cassette + download code
woodcut printed j-card
edition of 100


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1. à sa mère
2. l'eau de la source
3. chive
4. less (w/ Jonathan Scherk)
5. oil boils
6. sauge
7. la lava lamp
8. bassin velocity
9. dofus
10. type
11. lotus land
12. bitcoin dragon
13. Op. 24

“ Bienvenue dans la bande son d’un animé imaginaire! Dans cette errance mystérieuse qui fait parler ce qui l’entoure, les atomes discutent et se complimentent timidement, puis le temps se dérègle. Chaque épisode devient une énigme, un jeu, un haïku généreux. Le marécage magique respire, rigole et puis s’endort pour un moment. À la surface de cette potion flottent des lotus qui communiquent par télépathie avec une mangrove. Celle ci souriante et décomplexée leurs raconte ses souvenirs les plus précieux avec des kanjis. Juste à côté dans les herbes tricotées, un criquet somnambule habillé en sorcier rêve de bitcoin. Au loin, les falaises buccales postillonnent de pierres brillantes le marécage, et du bruit des multiples ricochets apparaît une mélodie, harmonieuse et organique. Dans l’invisible les spectres sillonnent les lieux en nous murmurant des mots d’un dialecte inconnu. “
- Loto Retina

“ Welcome to the soundtrack of a notional anime! It’s a wandering that gives the floor to what’s around. Atoms are timidly discussing and complimenting each other, time goes out of control. Each episode is a riddle, a game. The swamp is breathing, it laughs and then falls asleep for a while. On the surface of this potion, lotus flowers float, they are doing telepathy with a mangrove nearby. The mangrove smiles and tells its most precious memories without complexes using kanjis. Right next to the swamp, in knitted plants, a sleepwalking cricket dressed as a wizard is dreaming of bitcoins. Far off the mouth cliffs splutters shining stones, the sounds of the many rebounds are generating a melody. Ghosts furrows the scene, murmuring us words of an unknown dialect in the invisible. “
- Loto Retina

- art: frere tuck
- title connection: Shankar Lestréhan
- cover ideas: Gitte Hendrikx
- voice on 'type': Sophie Farza
- field records collected with Loto Retina, Auguste Brisot and Grégoire Bélien
- song 'lotus land' by Cyril Scott

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released may 7th 2018

Jib Kidder - Napkin Bulletproof (SL09)

Jib Kidder

produbbed cassette with download code
edition of 100

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*** 3x tape/flexi 7" for 15€ *********
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1. Small Thing, A Big Shadow
2. Shoes On The Other Foot
3. As The First Blow Be Happy
4. All Small Scavengers
5. Coconut Sport
6. My Friend You Are In Trouble
7. Draw Cut You
8. Horseplay Teas
9. Longer Orgasms Of People Worldwide
10. Chubby Cream Spaghetti
11. Napkin Bulletproof
12. Exchanger
13. Island of Floss
14. Calliope
15. Give You The Wings
16. 2 Broke Thumbs
17. Agree To Be Sick

Recorded in Ann Arbor, MI and Queens, NY, 2006.
Originally released by Capt. Bass (2007, CD-R).
SSC: Records, Cassettes, Guitar, Boss DR-880, Koto, Casio SK-1, No Input Mixer, Balloons, Venerable Lake of Honey.
Remastered in 2017 by SSC at Faculty House, NYC. All song titles taken from spam emails.
Dedicated to American Genius St. James Hampton.
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released 07 april 2017

McCloud Zicmuse - Het Slechtgetemperede Klavier en Zwakke Blokfluiten (SL08)

McCloud Zicmuse recording at Lady Margaret Road Studios in London

produbbed cassette with download code
Edition of 100

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*** 3x tape/flexi 7" for 15€ *********
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1. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_01
2. 151107_BLOKFLUIT_D
3. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_18
4. 151107_BLOKFLUIT_C
5. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_04
6. 151107_BLOKFLUIT_A
7. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_14
8. 151020_BLOKFLUIT_D
9. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_20
10. 151020_BLOKFLUIT_E
11. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_09
12. 151107_BLOKFLUIT_B
13. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_24
14. 151020_BLOKFLUIT_C
15. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_19
16. 151020_BLOKFLUIT_B
17. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_02
18. 151020_BLOKFLUIT_A
19. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_22
20. 151107_BLOKFLUIT_F
21. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_05
22. 151107_BLOKFLUIT_E
23. 150811_KLAVECIMBEL_25

Baroque feeling: that feeling you get when you enter a room & tucked away in a corner is a strange instrument covered with nick knacks. You clear all the items away and find yourself face to face with a harpsichord. A tingling sensation goes up your spine as you open the protective wood and raise the soundboard. Your fingers reach down to make a first chord.
disappointment? No, not really, but it is true that it must have been years since the instrument has been tuned. You decide that this minor inconvenience could be actually charming & a friend happens to have recording equipment on hand. You think of Zuzana Růžičková, and you play your best: voilà the result.

Months later you decide to make that recording of flauto dolce in homage to Frans Brüggen. You have taken years to amass a small collection of flutes of various timbres & start recording with the new multi-track recording device that a friend gives you for your birthday.

Eventually you put the two recordings together to make a succinct & subtle cassette: Het Slechtgetemperde Klavier en Zwakke Blokfluiten. credits

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released November 27, 2016

Design: McCloud

Pont-à-Mousson - Rock with Pont-à-Mousson (SL07)

Pont-à-Mousson home-recording

produbbed cassette with download code
Edition of 100

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*** 3x tape/flexi 7" for 15€ *********
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1. Everybody Knows (reprise Willie Alexander)
2. You Care About Me
3. I'm Bored
4. Love Me
5. Nothing But You
6. Does That Matter?
7. A Long Way Through Rock'n'Roll
8. Come Over Baby
9. You Love Me Too
10. Our Love Is In The Air
11. After All We Just Fought In My Head
12. Darkness Is The Key Of Our Love
13. Bonus Track

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Covert art: Nicolas Guine
released November 27, 2016

Hablemos Del Alma - Hablemos Del Alma (SL06)

Hablemos Del Alma feat. Dominga Del Campo

C20 produbbed cassette + download code
Edition of 100
Co-released with La Manufacture Errata

1. Tú, mi rosal
2. Quienes se desaniman ante la adversidad
3. Apreciaciones contemporáneas
4. Locos pensamientos

Hablemos del alma is the New Age project by the Chilean artist Angelo Santa Cruz (Nueva Costa).
In this 4-song EP he explores "nostalgia" in guitar riffs, "space aged" synthesizers, arps and organs, accompanied by nonsensical mantras whispered as if they were prayers of lust.

Latin-American romantic bands from the 60s, such as Los Angeles Negros, are blent in with the Italian New Age Scene, like Baffo Banfi, making "Hablemos del alma" an inner journey towards enlightenment.

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All songs are composed, produced and recorded by Angelo Santa Cruz.

Voices: Diana Menino, Micaela Skoknic & Manu Guevara
Draws & Pinting: Marina Fi & Valentina Guerrero
Mix & Master : Ives Sepúlveda & Ness
Design: Gracia Echeverría

released November 27, 2016

Joachim Badenhorst - Kitakata (SL04)

Joachim Badenhorst in Kitakata, Japan

produbbed cassette + download code
Edition of 300

1. Star Lady
2. Star Clinic 3
3. Star Clinic 4
4. Sake Water Fountain
5. Akiko's Kitchen Song
6. Interlude
7. Star Clinic 1
8. Duo With Annoying Birds
9. Akiko In Sake Brewery
10. Rice Field
11. Car Announcement
12. Star Clinic 5
13. Creek At Rice Field
14. Star Clinic 6
15. Lion d'Or

Full of beautiful clarinet and bass clarinet improvisations made at different spots in Kitakata, Japan between 1-8 november 2015. Stamp by Jailbeit and woodprints by myself on an A3 made-in-korea japanese paper using Joachim's notes and a photo by Ferdinand Brandenburg.

full streaming via

Released in january 2016.

Tiny Mix Tapes
The Sound Projector

Les dauphins et la science - Les résultats sont des plus intéressants (SL03)

Les dauphins et la science @ Rumsteek

palimpsest + cassette
Edition of 100

1. 01
2. 02

full streaming and free download via

Released in march 2015

Turalica (トゥラリカ) - Koke No Saiten (苔の祭典) (SL02)

Turalica (トゥラリカ) is a band from Nagoya consisting of Takumi Yokoyama, Kazuki Ohnishi and Yohsuke Izumi

homedubbed cassette + download code + A2 woodcut printed newspaper
Edition of 200

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*** 3x tape/flexi 7" for 15€ *********
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1. Koke No Saiten (苔の祭典)
2. Kamome No Iru Ie (カモメのいる家)
3. Akubi (あくび)
4. Neoki (寝起き)
5. Hanga (版画)
6. Hydra No Saigo (フィドラーの最期)
7. Kaidan Wa Hamabe Ni (階段は浜辺に)
8. Kouron (口論)
9. Mizugiwa De Hitorigoto (水際で独り言)
10. Yamaneko (山猫)

All tracks written by Takumi Yokoyama except 4, 6 and 8 written by Kazuki Ohnishi. Recorded and mixed by Takumi Yokoyama and Kazuki Ohnishi, mastered by Bob Weston (Chicago Mastering Service).

full streaming via

originally released on CD by iscollagecollective
Released in february 2015

oui (SL01)

homedubbed cassette
Edition of 100

1. oui
2. oubliette
3. -
4. pétrolier

full streaming and free download via

Released november 13th 2014